How to Lock a Folder With a Password

Since the development of digital storage devices, there has been a need to secure information from individuals who will attempt to access the stored data. Folder password protection plays a very important role in securing both personal and business data from the eyes of unauthorized individuals.

In the last few years, cyber threats have become more advanced, just at the same rate that technology has been developing. There is an existing need for brands and individuals to protect their information stored in different folders with strong passwords.

Why Protect Your Password?

Several businesses and individuals store large quantities of their delicate information on their computers. These data may include any or some of the following: 

  • Business records;
  • Personal data;
  • Financial information. 

With passwords, personal or classified information remains so.

What is a Folder Protection Password?

This simply involves adding a password to a folder’s security to ensure that only authorized users can access its content for as long as possible.

How to Protect Computer Folders for Confidentiality

In this section, we will shed light on the many steps you need to take as you move to protect the data stored in your computer folders. 

Assessing Your Security Needs

You have to think about: 

  • The kind of data you want to protect;
  • The potential risk of the data stored being breached;
  • The level of security the stored information demands.

These tips will help shape the best method you can use in securing your folders containing important tips.

Basis Steps To Password Protect A Folder

Follow the steps below to add passwords to your computer:

  • Choose your preferred method;
  • Choose a strong password combination that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols;
  • Apply the password protection feature;
  • Test your security setup.

With these done, you can be sure that your data is secure and that any intending intruder will have a hard time accessing it.

Evaluating Software To Password Protect Folders

There are many password security programs available. Each password protect folder program has distinctive features and is compatible with a particular operating system. 

Features To Look For In Protection Software

You should consider the following features when you want to choose software to password protect folders:

  • Advanced security features;
  • Device compatibility;
  • Ease of usage;
  • Customer support and system updates. 

These are the tips you should have at your disposal when you adopt any software for data security.

Top Software Recommendations

Below are some top choices to explore for your password protection purposes:

Operating System 

Password Security Software 


BitLocker, Folder Lock


Concealer, Disk Utility


VeraCrypt, CryFs


Secure Folder, AppLock


File Browser, Roboform

Note that some software systems may cater to one or more operating systems.

How to Securely Password Protect a Folder Without Software

In this section, we will outline the different operating systems and point out their company-fitted password protection solutions.

Using Built-in Operating System Features

Check the table below and explore the brand folder protection system for different operating systems:

Operating System 

Password Security Software 




Disk Utility


Gnome EncFS


Secure Folder


Notes with password 

With these system features, users don’t need the services of third-party software to protect their data.

Creating Strong Passwords Without Software

Follow the steps below to create a strong password for your folders:

  • Use at least 8–12 characters in forming your password combination. 
  • Don’t use common words;
  • Try to use different passwords for the different folders and accounts on your phone.

You can employ the use of a password manager to process and save the generated passwords.

Extending Protection Beyond Folders

Folders can protect important data, but there are some hurdles to it. Full-drive encryption, which protects data at rest and in transit, is needed to cushion those factors.

Password Protect Internal Hard Drive

You can utilize your disk drives on different operating systems using the following software:

  • Windows: You can use BitLocker to encrypt your whole drive.
  • macOS: Use FileVault to protect your whole disk.
  • Linux: You can use the (Linux Unified Key Setup) for disk encryption.

With these, users can protect their whole device, without limiting the protection to information stored in the folders. 

When to Consider Full Drive Encryption

This is an option that users are encouraged to exploit because you are in possession of sensitive information or multiple users have access to the same device as you. It helps you to have some control over the data, even if the device is lost or stolen. 

Differences Between Folder Encryption and Password Protection

The differences between folder encryption and password protection helps you choose the right security method for your device. 

Folder Encryption

Password Protection

It converts information to a format that it can be read only with a decryption key.

Requires users to access a folder using only a designated password

This system provides a sophisticated level of security.

This is less secure than encryption.

This requires more knowledge to use.

This is easier for most users to implement

With these, you now knowe what to expect with each method you choose for your device or your phone.

Password Protection Alternatives

Password protection aside, there are other alternatives to improve protection for user data.

Two-factor Authentication

This form of security demands that users’ provider two forms of identification. Two-factor authentication (2FA) improves data security with the verification steps it presents to users.

Biometric Security

Thus, the method involves the use of special physical features such as fingerprints and facial recognition to screen and allow users access to a piece of data.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

In this section, you will know about the common issues that users face:

Common Issues with Folder Password Software

See some regular issues that users encounter below:

  • Software bugs;
  • Compatibility issues;
  • Forgotten passwords;
  • Password too short.

These problems shed light on some common questions that users get while using their choice software or device.

Updating and Upgrading Your Security Practices

In this aspect, you are to adhere to the following tips for a premium experience:

  • Ensure you update your software and operating system regularly;
  • Check and update your security versions to ensure that you checkmate developing threats;
  • All users are expected to explore and adhere to the existing brand or industry best practices

Brands just need to identify their best needs, consult, and choose the right tools. With that, they can protect their data from unwanted eyes.